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Cabinet: Double-walled cabinet with an outer wall made of mild steel, and the round inner chamber of stainless steel (SS304).

Insulation: Glass wool filled between the walls to a minimum thickness of 3 inches.

Door: The door is of aluminum casting with a glass window of 15.5cm diameter. The door is fitted with mild steel pin type hinges.

Finish: The outer side is painted with enamel paint.


Heating and Control

Heating: Heating is carried out by means of specially designed heaters fitted on the outer side of the inner chamber with ceramic beds insulation.

Control: The temperature is controlled by specially designed automatic electronic temperature controller. For better accuracy and safety of the oven, Digital Temperature Controller (PEW-202) can be provided at an extra cost.

Temp. Range: For 130VG: 5OC above the ambient temperature to 130OC maximum.

For 132VG: 5OC above the ambient temperature to 200OC maximum.

Accuracy: ± 1OC

Accessories: Two perforated shelves made of stainless steel are provided with this machine.


a. Bourden type 2 inch vacuum gauge.

b. Vacuum Cock.

c. Thermometer pocket.

d. Separate inlet for inert gas is provided

Inner Chamber

The inner chamber can withstand a vacuum of 76 cm of Hg in 24 hours with leakage of less than 50mm of Hg.

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