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Cabinet: Double-walled cabinet with an outer wall made of mild steel, and the inner chamber of stainless steel (SS304).

Insulation: Glass Wool filled between the walls to a minimum thickness of 3 inches.

Door: The door is fitted on a thick gauge mild steel plate. SS304 lining is provided to the inner side of the door. Glass window is provided at the center of the door. The door is fitted with mild steel pin type hinges.

Finish: The outer side is painted with enamel paint.


Heating and Control

Heating: Heating is carried out by means of specially designed heaters fitted on the outer side of the inner chamber with ceramic beads insulation.

Control: The temperature is controlled by a specially designed automatic electronic temperature controller. For better accuracy and safety of the oven, Digital Temperature Controller (PEW-202) can be provided at an extra cost.

Temp. Range: 5OC above the ambient temperature to 200OC maximum.

Accuracy± 1OC.

Accessories: Shelves made of stainless steel are provided with this machine.


a. Bourden type 2 inch vacuum gauge.

b. Vacuum Cock.

c. Thermometer pocket.

d. Separate inlet for inert gas is provided

Inner Chamber

The inner chamber can withstand a vacuum of 76cm of Hg in 24 hours with leakage of less than 50mm of Hg in 24 hours.

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