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Body: Horizontal Rectangular. Outer body made of thick gauge mild steel.

Insulation: Lagged with ceramic wool instead of conventionally used insulation bricks, to make the furnace light in weight and to minimize heat loss.

Finish: Painted with enamel paint.


Heating and Control

Heating: Heating is carried out by heaters made of best quality Kanthal wire.

Control: Temperature is controlled by an energy regulator and indicated by a pyrometer. For better accuracy and safety of the furnace, Digital Temperature Controller (PEW-202) and/or Solid State Fuse (PEW-204) can be provided at an extra cost.

Temp. Range: 930OC or 1200OC maximum.

Accessories: Supplied with Pyrometer, Cr/Al thermocouple, compensating cable and Thermal fuse.


Features: Maximum temperature in PEW-930 and PEW-1200 models is achieved within 30 to 45 minutes and 60 to 90 minutes respectively.

Less consumption of electricity, as the KW rating is low.


Note: The size of the control panel is not included in the outer dimensions of the furnace.

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