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Melting point apparatus is used to determine single or mixed melting points of chemical powders. The temperature rises from ambient to maximum is very fast with uniform heating. Adjustment of required temperature to determine the melting point is very easy, and fine temperature setting is possible.



Body: Sturdy aluminum casting encloses heating block and controls.

Finish: Painted with enamel paint.

Heating Block: The heating block is made of aluminum, and gets heated by two heating elements clamped to its sides. The block accepts three capillary tubes and a thermometer.

Heating and Control

Heating: Heating is uniformly carried out by the specially designed heaters.

Control:    1. On-Off switch.

                 2. Rotary rheostat for settings the rate of temperature rise.

                 3. Low/High switch for selecting 1-2 heaters.

Temp. Range: 5OC above the ambient temperature to 350OC maximum.

Illumination and Viewing

Built-in-Lamp: This provides uniform illumination of the sample tubes without any shadow.

Magnifying Glass: This is used for viewing the sample tubes against a dark or bright background.

Background Selector: This is used to select a dark or bright background by rotating a knob on the rear side of the apparatus.

Thermometer Pocket: This supports the thermometer when inserted in the apparatus.

Optional Accessories: Cooling Plug: This is a water-cooled metal plug that can be inserted in the thermometer pocket for the rapid cooling of the heating block.

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