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PEW-203 UN


Body: Single-walled. Made of stainless steel of a suitable gauge.


Heating and Control

Heating: Heating is carried out by an immersion type electric heater. The controls are housed at one end of the bath.

Control: Temperature is controlled by a hydraulic thermostat.

Temp. Range: 5 C above the ambient temperature to 85OC maximum.

Accuracy: ±1 C up to 60 C and ±2 C for the rest of the range.

Accessories: With PEW-203 UN-a, a Pyramidal Lid and a Drop-on Lid of 5 holes (4 holes of 3" and one of 5" with concentric rings).With PEW-203 UN-b, a Pyramidal Lid and a Drop-on Lid of 10 holes (8 holes of 3" and 2 of 5" with concentric rings). Kahn, Agglutination and Wassermann Racks. All accessories are supplied at an extra cost.

universal water bath.PNG
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