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PEW-8 / PEW-8R



Body: Made of mild steel. The housing has two retort rods and a crossbar on which the glass apparatus can be fixed.

Insulation: Glass wool insulation fills the gap between the mantle casting and the heaters.

Finish: Painted with enamel paint.

Capacity: This apparatus is suitable to heat Soxhlet flasks of 100-350ml capacity. The heating element provides flexible support to the bottom of the flask.

Heating and Control

Control: In PEW-8, only one energy regulator is provided for all the heaters. However, individual ON/OFF switch and a pilot lamp are provided for each mantle.

In PEW-8R, one energy regulator is provided with every mantle, so that each can be used at a different temperature.

Temp. Range: Maximum surface temperature 200OC.

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