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WATER STILL - Automatic


Body: The main body consists of a stainless steel evaporator vessel. When the lid is put over the vessel, and it seals the recess around the head of the vessel.

Condenser: This incorporates a stainless steel condenser tube to condense the steam coming from the vessel, and delivers the distilled water through the outlet. A constant level of attachment is provided to keep the water level constant in the vessel.

Wall Bracket: The water still can rest on a bracket that is supplied with it. The bracket (made of mild steel) should be fixed on a wall.

Finish: The entire body is fabricated in stainless steel.


Heating and Control

Heating: Heating is carried out by immersion type electric heaters.

Control: No temperature control is necessary for this instrument. However, the flow of water through the inlet should be adjusted for a constant level. This is assured by water dripping out from the constant level of attachment.

water still.PNG

Note: Distilled water output depends on the mains voltage and the rate of water supply at the inlet.

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